About Mae

Mae is 30 years old and lives in Owensboro, Kentucky with her husband of eight years, Trenton Matthew Hagan, Two Pug Mixes, Henry and Stella, and most recently an adoptive son: Lucas Aristotle Hagan, (Ari,).

Mae’s parents both died at a very young age, and writing became her outlet. Often, fellow writer’s will be able to find writing prompts on her website. Mae is a strong believer that everyone needs help from time to time.

Starting with poetry, Mae has been writing since she was 14 years old. She soon transitioned to Personal Non-Fiction. Writing about her family, and her husband, Trenton.

Lately, Mae has been writing Children’s Books where Ari is the hero of the story. He stands up for kids who are different than him. In the Ari series, Mae tackles subjects such as Adoption, LGBTQ issues, incarceration, and deportation issues.

Born the daughter of a union Steward, Mae has been around political activism all of her life. She started her own career in activism at the age of 16, working for LGBTQ issues. More recently she marched on Washington in The Million Woman March.

In her free time she enjoys talking to her self in the mirror and pretending to be interviewed by E! News! Mae loves Lady Gaga, and enjoys reading Transcendental Writers. Mae also enjoys reading Noam Chompsky, and believes him to be one of the greatest minds of the last 40 years.

As you will see, Mae has many facets and layers to who she is. She was once described in a review as, “…the screwed up girl next-door you undoubtedly end up rooting for.” Mae looks forward to sharing her life with you and helping women that have lost hope that they will ever have Children. Mae believes that if it can happen for her, it can happen for you!


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